For redevelopment projects entrusted to us, Technoesis provides consultancy services right from the assessment of feasibility to completion and hand over of the buildings to the Society. Broadly, our services are provided under three distinct phases of redevelopment as follows:

Phase I: Feasibility Report
Redevelopment is a techno-commercial activity. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to ascertain its feasibility before such a step is taken. In fact, whether to go for redevelopment at all and how much financial benefit one should expect from such a proposal would depend on the feasibility report. In this phase, we provide the following services:

  1. Advising Society to obtain necessary documents such as PR cards, city survey plan, BMC approved plans, conveyance deed etc from various authorities (the Society shall give us photocopies of documents in their record, which will serve as a starting point)
  2. Measuring actual carpet area of typical flats and estimating the total carpet area consumed in the building. Flats on one typical floor will be measured.
  3. Preparing a Feasibility Report consisting of the extent of benefits in the form of extra carpet area and corpus fund that can be expected based on the suggested utilization of FSI and TDR and after providing for cost of TDR, construction cost, house rent, brokerage, transportation, bank guarantee, professional fees of Society’s consultants etc.
Phase II: Tendering
Once the feasibility report is approved, we shall prepare a tender document to invite bids from interested developers. The tender document shall be prepared on behalf of the Society and the same shall form a uniform basis on which the interested developers shall send their competitive quotations. Our services in this phase shall be as follows:

  1. Preparing Tender Document consisting of the following:
    • Part A: Technical Bid

    •   - Scope and important features of the propo
        - General & Special conditions of contract
        - Specifications regarding desired structural quality
        - List of desired amenities and land development facilities
    • Part B: Commercial Bid

    •   - Additional carpet area (primary & secondary))
        - Corpus fund/ cash incentive
        - Compensation for alternate accommodation
        - Offer rate for extra carpet area, if requested
        - Free parking spaces etc
  2. Suggesting draft for advertisement (Tender Notice) in a newspaper
  3. Managing sale of tenders & receipt of bids
  4. Attending a joint meeting at your Society office for opening of bids
  5. Preparing a comparative statement from bids received
  6. Providing technical support for the selection process including joint meetings, visits to developers' ongoing projects and negotiations with the developers
  7. Preparing final shortlist of bidders
Phase III: Project Monitoring
Our services in this phase shall be offered in the following three stages:

  1. Pre-execution Stage
    1. Review of Proposal from Selected Developer:
    2.   - Review of technical content in the Redevelopment Agreement based on the Tender Document and other terms negotiated with the selected developer

        - Review of plans prepared by the developer to check conformity with agreed carpet areas

        - Review and approve the list of amenities, infrastructural facilities and land development offered by the developer to check conformity with agreed terms

        - Review and approve the master schedule prepared by the developer

    3. Review of Structural Design Methodology (OPTIONAL):
    4. We have been practicing as structural consultants for the last more than 20 years.

      By virtue of this expertise, we also offer consultancy services for review of structural design methodology adopted by the selected developer for the proposed building. This service is, however, optional and is provided only when requested.

      The structural design of the rehab part shall be reviewed with respect to the following:

      1. Structural Design Parameters:
        • Loading: Dead Loads, Live Loads, Wind Loads and Earthquake Loads
        • Grades of structural materials: concrete and steel reinforcement
        • Type of foundation (with respect to geotechnical report)
      2. Methodology of Structural Design:
        • Framing and load transfer
        • Methodology of structural analysis and design
        • Provision for ductile detailing

      The above aspects shall be reviewed by understanding the same from the structural consultant. For this purpose the following documents will be required from the developer:

      1. Architectural & structural drawings
      2. Design Basis Report covering the design parameters and methodology of structural analysis & design
      3. Geotechnical report specifying founding depth, ground water level and safe bearing capacity of soil
      4. Structural model and sample design calculations for representative structural members

      A report will be submitted based on the documents received and the same shall mark the end of our scope for Structural Design Review. Please note that the above scope consists of a limited review of structural design and the following shall be excluded from our scope:

      • Structural analysis by independent modeling and calculations
      • Checking of structural analysis and design of structural members

  2. Execution Stage
  3. The Redevelopment Agreement shall be treated as the basis for the purpose of evaluation of progress and quality of work. In this phase, we shall provide the following services:

    Monitoring Progress
    Progress of work shall be monitored with reference to the approved master schedule and along the following lines:
    • Monitoring the construction work from time to time to check their conformity with approved drawings, construction procedures and practices
    • Evaluating progress of work at the site from time to time and informing the Society about the delays, reasons thereof and suggested measures
    • Participating in review meetings and submitting monthly progress reports to Society
    • Providing interpretation of conditions of contract between the Society and the Developer whenever specifically asked by the Society.

    Monitoring Quality
    Quality of work (materials and workmanship) shall be monitored along the following lines:
    • Checking quality of work w.r.t. architectural and structural drawings
    • Checking quality of work w.r.t. materials specified in contract, commonly adopted construction techniques and good construction practices
    • Ordering testing of materials and products from time to time
    • Pointing out to the Society deviations in quality so that the Society can take necessary action

    The proposed scope for quality monitoring as given above shall not substitute for checking by developer's consultants (e.g. checking of centerline & plinth by architect, slab checking by structural engineer etc). Responsibility of comprehensive supervision shall rest with developer & his consultants.

  4. Completion Stage
    • Making a report of defects in the developer’s work and getting them rectified
    • Inspection of members’ flats for amenities before the same are ready for possessi
    • Inspection of external and common services and amenities before the rehab component is handed over
    • Verification of part/ full occupation certificate
    • Collecting necessary guarantees for waterproofing, anti -termite treatment etc from the developer and handing them over to the Society
    • Preparing final completion report at the end of the project

Various Modules of Services in Phase III -Project Monitoring
  1. Module 1: Pre-execution Services
    1. Draft Letter of Intent to be issued to the selected developer
    2. Preparation of Flat wise Area Statement of Rehab Flats
    3. Technical Review of Redevelopment Agreement
    4. Review of Floor Plans & Carpet Areas of Flats
    5. Review of Site Layout, Parking & Recreation Areas
    6. Review of Proposed Master Schedule & Milestones
    7. Assistance in Completing Formalities before vacating

  2. Project Monitoring Services
    1. Module 2: Quality & Progress Monitoring
      1. Deputing an engineer for regular supervision
      2. Supervision of work: civil works, finishes & services
      3. Site visits by Project Coordinator
      4. Quality Control & Testing of Materials
      5. Approval of samples of materials and work
      6. Rectification of defects
      7. Monitoring Progress wrt Master Schedule
      8. Monthly Meetings & Preparation of Minutes
      9. Monthly Progress Review Reports

    2. Module 3: Verification of Plans, Approvals & Permissions
      1. Approved Plans & flat areas
      2. IOD, CC, OC & other approvals & Permissions
      3. Measurement of Carpet Areas of Rehab Flats

    3. Module 4: Contract Management
      1. Advising on enforcement of contractual terms
      2. Providing interpretation of contractual terms
      3. Site instructions and correspondence
      4. Assisting Society in correspondence with the Developer
      5. Advising in case of variations
      6. Advising for resolution of disputes

  3. Module 5: Possession (Taking Over)
    1. Checking of Internal Amenities in Rehab Flats
    2. Checking of External Amenities & Recreational Areas
    3. Making a List of Defects & Rectification
    4. Obtaining guarantees and other deliverables
    5. Preparation of Project Completion Report
    6. Assistance in Taking Over of Completed Project

  4. Module 6: Special Services(Optional … Provided on request)
    1. Review of Structural Design Methodology
    2. Online tracking of progress of work on Technoesis website