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Structural audit / condition survey
What is Structural Audit?

The general health and performance of a building depends on its quality of maintenance. As a building grows old, ageing, use (or misuse) and exposure to the environment can affect the health of the building significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor it periodically by taking a professional opinion. Structural Audit is a preliminary technical survey of a building to assess its general health as a civil engineering structure. It is usually initiated as the first step for repair. This is similar to the periodic health checkup recommended for older people.

When to do Structural Audit?

Model bye-law no. 77 specifies Structural Audit as a mandatory requirement. It stipulates that if the age of a building is 15 to 30 years, Structural Audit must be carried out once in 5 years and for buildings older than 30 years it must be carried out once in 3 years. You may, however, go for it even earlier if you suspect the condition of your building to be bad.

How is it carried out?

Structural Audit is commissioned by appointing a Consulting Structural Engineer registered with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM or BMC). The Consultant carries out a visual survey of the building covering its faces, stilts, staircase, terrace, flats, shops and ancillary structures such as pump room, compound wall, etc. A light tapping hammer, damp detector, spirit level, magnetic compass and magnifying glass are used during survey. Repair history of the building and specific observations/ experiences of the members are also noted. Critical observations, probable causes of distress, remarks on structural health and recommendations for further action are given in the Structural Audit Report.

Why Technoesis?

With several years of experience and expertise in the field of structural assessment, we at Technoesis have evolved a unique methodology for carrying out structural audit. Technoesis offers you the following advantages:

  1. Licensed Structural Engineers registered with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  2. Accreditation with Consultancy Development Centre, Govt. of India
  3. Methodology supported by exhaustive checklists and software
  4. Detailed report along with documentation of flat wise observations
  5. Over 100 structural audits completed
  6. Conducted professional training seminars on Structural Audit
  7. Extended consultancy for all further needs such as testing, repairs, extension etc