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Structural Rehabilitation & seismic (earthquake) retrofitting
If your building is in a very bad structural health or its stability is a matter of concern, you need to consult an experienced structural engineer immediately. Settlement or tilting of building, diagonal cracks at beam column junction, major distress in structural members etc indicate such a need. Fire, earthquake, cyclone, explosion etc may also cause serious damage to a building. Such a structure may need major structural rehabilitation.

In case your building was not designed for earthquake, its stability during an earthquake can be doubtful even if presently it does not show significant distress. Even newly constructed structures can be vulnerable to earthquakes. Your building may need seismic retrofitting if:

  1. It was initially not designed and constructed to resist earthquakes
  2. It was initially designed and constructed to resist earthquakes but,
    1. The loading/ load carrying parameters have changed since its construction e.g.:
      • The present structural quality is bad due to poor maintenance or ageing
      • Loads have increased due to change of mode of use etc
      • Alterations/ extensions are carried out or are currently being contemplated
    2. The design specifications have changed since its construction such as:
      • Upgrade of the seismic zone, Importance factor etc
      • Revision in the methodology or specifications of structural design/ detailing

Technoesis has the necessary expertise to take up such specialized works.