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Checking feasibility of internal alterations
There may be times when an organization/ a member of the Society wants to carry out internal alterations or change the mode of use to satisfy the new requirements. The most common examples of this aspect would be provision of a mezzanine, loft or an internal staircase, removal of walls for combining two areas, enclosing an external area such as a balcony, installing a water tank, use of an apartment as an office space or a store etc. It is important to check the structural feasibility of the proposed work before the same is carried out.

In such cases, we not only check the feasibility of such alterations or change of mode of use before the work is carried out but we also confirm that the actual work is carried out as per the approved plan. This is ensured through the following steps:

  1. Prepare a sketch plan showing proposed alterations/ change of mode of use
  2. Check structural feasibility of the proposal and suggest modifications, if necessary
  3. Incorporate the suggestions in the plan and issue the feasibility report
  4. After the work is completed, inspect the work and issue a compliance report

For this purpose we may be appointed by the owner of the building (or a Society) or by the owner of an individual unit, who intends to carry out such alterations/ change of mode of use.