Structural Consultancy
Structural Design:
  1. 3D modeling of structures on structural software
  2. Structural analysis & design as per the latest codes of practice including earthquake resistant design and ductile detailing
  3. Preparation of structural drawings for execution of work
  4. Checking of the structural work at the important stages of execution by site visits
  5. Issue of certificate of structural stability on completion of work
Proof Checking of Structural Design:
  1. Review of Structural Design Parameters & Methodology of Design
    • Loading: Dead, Live, Wind and Earthquake Loads
    • Grades of structural materials: concrete and steel reinforcement
    • Type of foundation (with respect to geotechnical report)
    • Structural framing and load transfer
    • Methodology of structural analysis and design
    • Provision for ductile detailing
  2. 3D modeling of structure on structural software
  3. Review of structural design
  4. Review of structural drawings
  5. Submission of Structural Review Report
Checking Stability of Existing Structure & Feasibility of Extension:
  1. Study of existing architectural & structural drawings
  2. Preparation of structural framing plans by actual measurements
  3. Condition survey of structure
  4. Non destructive testing of structure
  5. Soil investigation
  6. Physical verification of typical frame members & foundations
  7. 3D computer modeling of structure including proposed extension
  8. Checking of structural stability and feasibility of extension
  9. Submission of Structural Feasibility Report
Design of Special Structures:
  1. Pile foundations for transmission towers
  2. Elevated Storage Reservoirs
  3. Post-tensioned slabs