Project Management
For redevelopment projects entrusted to us, Technoesis provides consultancy services right from the assessment of feasibility to completion and handing over of the buildings to the Society. Broadly, our services are provided under three distinct phases of redevelopment as follows:
Phase I: Feasibility Report
Redevelopment is a techno-commercial activity. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to ascertain its feasibility before such a step is taken. In fact, whether to go for redevelopment at all and how much financial benefit one should expect from such a proposal would depend on the feasibility report. In this phase, we provide the following services: More >>
Phase II: Tendering
Once the feasibility report is approved, we shall prepare a tender document to invite bids from interested developers. The tender document shall be prepared on behalf of the Society and the same shall form a uniform basis on which the interested developers shall send their competitive quotations. Our services in this phase shall be as follows: More >>
Phase III: Project Monitoring
Redevelopment Agreement and "Good for Construction" quality working drawings and details prepared by the Developer's consultants are treated as the basis for monitoring the quality and progress of work.
Our services in this phase are offered in the following three stages:
Pre-execution Stage More >>
Execution Stage More >>
Completion Stage More >>