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Once the members of the Society have vacated their flats and moved to temporary accommodation, the existing building is demolished and construction of new building starts. During the construction phase of 24 months or so they may wonder about the progress of work at their plot and may like to get regular updates about the project status.

Technoesis' Project Tracker helps the Society members to remain regularly informed about the progress of work and the current status of the project by simply visiting our website. Our clients who subscribe to this service are given a user login and password, which they may distribute to their members. Thereafter, any member can visit our website and view the current status report consisting of the current photograph of the construction work, previous month's progress report, minutes of the last progress review meeting held at the site and other remarks about the work progress. Quite an easy way to track your project month after month, isn't it?

The status report is updated once a month and can be viewed by visiting the site any number of times during the period of subscription. It is expressly intended for the members of the client society and not for any other persons.

Technoesis' Project Tracker enhances transparency to a new height. However, the users must remember that the information about their project would be available to anybody having the knowledge of their user login and password and, therefore, it would be entirely their responsibility to ensure that the same is not passed on to unauthorized persons. Technoesis accepts no responsibility whatsoever, direct or indirect as regards the security of user login and password or the content of the status report.
Guest visitors who would like to know about Technoesis' Project Tracker may view a sample status report by logging in with the following details:
User Name: guest     Password: guest