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Sr.No Project Description Location Client
1. Redevelopment of Naya Daur CHS
Plot Area 1688 SqM (44 Members)
Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai Naya Daur CHS
2. Redevelopment of New Trishul CHS
Plot Area 7495 SqM (116 Members)
Andheri (E), Mumbai New Trishul CHS
3. Redevelopment of Mrugendra CHS
Plot Area 2056.1 SqM (33 Members)
Borivali (W), Mumbai Mrugendra CHS
4. Redevelopment of Mulund Sahakar Vishwa CHS
Plot Area 13088 SqM (311 Members)
Mulund (W), Mumbai Mulund Sahakar Vishwa CHS
5. Redevelopment of Park-Darshan CHS
Plot Area 2194 SqM (41 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Park-Darshan CHS
6. Redevelopment of Jaishreedhan CHS
Plot Area 4348 SqM (91 Members)
Goregaon (W), Mumbai Jaishreedhan CHS
7. Redevelopment of Malad Rahul CHS
Plot Area 4373 SqM (86 Members)
Malad (W), Mumbai Malad Rahul CHS
8. Redevelopment of Gopal CHS
Plot Area 2059 SqM (36 Members)
Vile Parle (E), Mumbai Gopal CHS
9. Redevelopment of Parimal CHS
Plot Area 627 SqM (4 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Parimal CHS
10. Redevelopment of M.I.G. Adarsh Nagar CHS
Plot Area 19547 SqM (224 Members)
Worli, Mumbai M.I.G. Adarsh Nagar CHS
11. Redevelopment of Andheri Sheetal Dhara CHS
Plot Area 1,587 SqM (28 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Andheri Sheetal Dhara CHS
12. Redevelopment of Kala Niketan CHS
Plot Area 836 SqM (16 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Kala Niketan CHS
13. Redevelopment of Marina CHS
Plot Area 1557 SqM (24 Members)
Mulund (W), Mumbai Marina CHS
14. Redevelopment of Prerana CHS
Plot Area 4500 SqM (119 Members)
Borivali (W), Mumbai Prerana CHS
15. Redevelopment of Caesar Apartments
Plot Area 1200 SqM (22 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Andheri Caesar CHS
16. Redevelopment of Ishtadeo Sadan CHS
Plot Area 2601 SqM (31 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Ishtadeo Sadan CHS
17. Redevelopment of Tej Kiran CHS
Plot Area 1098 SqM (24 Members)
Mulund (E), Mumbai Tej Kiran CHS
18. Redevelopment of Saptarshi CHS
Plot Area 979 SqM (32 Members)
Sion Koliwada, Mumbai Saptarshi CHS
19. Redevelopment of Bhagyadarshini CHS
Plot Area 1867 SqM (35 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai RBI Employees' Bhagyadarshini CHS
20. Redevelopment of Sahajeevan CHS
Plot Area 1438 SqM (32 Members)
Borivali (W), Mumbai SBI Employees' Sahajeevan CHS
21. Redevelopment of Panch Pushpa CHS
Plot Area 2410 SqM (80 Members)
Sion Koliwada, Mumbai Panch Pushpa CHS
22. Redevelopment of Pavan baug CHS
Plot Area 16452 SqM (361 Members)
Malad (W), Mumbai Pavan Baug CHS
23. Redevelopment of Anand Prakash CHS
Plot Area 1468 SqM (42 Members)
Andheri (E), Mumbai Anand Prakash CHS
24. Redevelopment of Flower Bloom CHS
Plot Area 4309 SqM (61 Members)
Andheri (W), Mumbai Flower Bloom CHS
25. Redevelopment of MIG III CHS
Plot Area 5133 SqM (80 Members) MHADA
Bandra (E), Mumbai MIG III CHS
26. Redevelopment of Manav Kalyan CHS
Plot Area 11703 SqM (160 Members)
Goregaon (W), Mumbai Manav Kalyan CHS